I say kratom you say kartom

kartomKratom is a tree found in Southeast Asia. Kratom also known as Kartom belongs to the family of coffee tree. Kratom leaves have been used by people of South Asia for thousands of years as an herbal drug. The kratom effects ranges from pain relief to sedation. The active alkaloids found in Kratom have both stimulant and sedative effects. Kratom is being used as a medicine as well as a recreational drug. Thai people chew the fresh leaves of Kartom but it can also be dried and then crushed to make powder. The Kratom effects vary and largely depend upon the dosage. It has stimulating effects if taken in small quantity and can cause euphoric, analgesic and sedative effects if taken in larger quantities.

Kratom; a Recreational Drug:

Kratom Leaves can be chewed directly but it is indigenous to Southeast Asian countries so it is usually difficult to find fresh leaves in countries like America and Europe. In America and other countries it is usually sold as dried leaves and in form of powder. This powder can be used to make Kratom tea or mixed with apple juice. Unlike cannabis it does not need to be activated by cooking or heating, still the kratom tea is the most popular way of taking this drug.

Many of the kratom users argue that this drug can help drug addicts to break the addiction of other more harmful opiates by taking kratom which is what they claim has no side effects and does not have addictive nature. They also claim that one can get off the anti depressants and anti anxiety medications as kartom effects include sedation and euphoria. These claims are mostly made by the same people who argue that cannabis should be legalized, so these claims are generally not very believable for most of the people. But Kratom is in fact a good substitute of other sedatives if taken in proper and prescribed quantity. This is the reason that Kratom is still being used in many countries and has gained popularity in recent times.

Kratom “Effects”:

When used in a larger quantity than the usual prescribed quantity, kratom makes you less sensitive to emotional and physical pain. It gives a feeling of comfort and may cause nausea etc. the kratom effects usually last for 6 hours and it can cause “waking-dreaming” in which one wakes while sleeping; the typical opiate effect.

Kratom contains active alkaloids such as Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. Mitragynine has stimulant like as well as opiate like properties. 7-Hydroxymitragynine has opioid agonistic activity. Technically, kartom is not an opiate but has opiate like effects as it affects the similar brain receptors without the extreme withdrawal symptoms of other drugs such as cannabis and opium. The people who use kratom have reported a positive afterglow the next day of the use of kartom.

Kratom has some possible side effects as well such as nausea, constipation and temporary erectile dysfunction. But most of these side effects are of temporary nature and the drug doesn’t cause too many problems if taken in proper quantity.

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