Kanna You Dig It? Sceletium Tortuosum

Sceletium tortuosum, more commonly known as kanna, has been used for centuries by various peoples of the world.  It is surrounded by mystery and misunderstanding due to its scarcity and ambiguous nature. It is commonly found in powdered, tea (rough cut), extract and even liquid forms.  Although not FDA approved, many have claimed it to have mood enhancing and synergistic effects.

Bum Kanna?

Does kanna work?  In order for kanna to be effective, you must learn to use it correctly and how it works.  Used frequently, your body will build up a tolerance to most herbs.  Many have reported the somewhat the opposite, however, of kanna.  That it is, it seems to become more effective after several uses until a “plateau” is eventually reached, with any tolerance level quickly diminishing between uses.  Go with a trusted and established merchant and you will avoid any fake or bad quality kanna.


A very important factor when using kanna are its synergistic effects.  In short, kanna has demonstrated the ability to enhance and maximize the effects or other natural herbs.  It is an extremely effective synergistic botanical.

Mood Enhancement

Kanna is commonly used and marketed to enhance mood and provide “enlightenment” and it seems that many do find it helpful for these purposes.

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