Is Super Fun Cave Clowning Around? A review of “SFC”

super fun cave review

super fun cave review

There are many online herbal shops but only a handful of good ones.  Sites such as Bouncing Bear Botanicals, Super Fun Cave and Herbal Zensations prove to be the industry leaders.  The products they offer may be similar, but that is where the similarities end.  Next we’ll take a closer look and review of

Super Fun Cave Positives

  • Website Design – We have to admit, the design is crisp, unique and very brand-able.  The theme and image sets are well organized and eye catching.  But we wonder if they went overboard, at the expense of user friendliness and easy navigation.
  • Good Customer Service – The website features live chat and does respond to emails quickly.  A phone number is also available, which rings to an answering service.
  • Fast Shipping – Their default shipping method is USPS priority, which is fast, secure and economical.  All orders seem to be processed within 24 to 48 hours.  Just be aware when ordering large quantities as they don’t keep much inventory on hand.


Super Fun Cave Negatives

  • Extremely commercialized – All that glitz and “ballyhoo” comes at a cost.  Super Fun Cave does not offer any value products.  The same or higher quality products can be easily found much cheaper by venturing outside this cave.
  • Product Selection & Pricing – The vast majority of their products are repackaged items that can be bought elsewhere.  For example, if you take a look at their “Kratomelt” product – they are offering 2 pills for the “spectacular” price of $21.95.  Once could purchase and 60 count bottle of melatonin for $10 or less, and an entire month’s supply of kratom for $25.  You do the math.
  • Web Design – Design can be a double edged sword.  Although we do give kudos to Super Fun Cave for being artistic, I wonder if they are running an art show or an eCommerce site.  A little less “ballyhoo” and a lot more focus on the products would leave me much less patronized.  Yes, no one still wants to scroll to see all of a main menu no matter how fancy.

The product descriptions are very ambiguous.  Sure, they go with the circus theme of the website, but after reading several paragraphs about “Mr. Mephistos” and “ballyhoos” I begin to wonder what it really is that I am looking at and what I would be getting should I decide to purchase.  I can’t help to imagine circus music playing while “alakazaam!” – and my money disappears.

Overall, I could not recommend Super Fun Cave to anyone.  I felt patronized by the entire shopping experience.  As a seasoned ethnobotanical shopper, this site was not for me. You are free to think what you want about Super Fun Cave or sfc as it has become known, just be sure to check out the competition first.  The solid customer service is not enough to overcome the high prices and fuzzy product descriptions.  After all, good customer service should be expected of any well formed website presence.

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