I am Shaman but I don’t shop there

i am shamanI am shaman but I don’t shop there.  Why you might ask?  The main reason is that I don’t like paying high retail prices for my shamanic herbs.  It’s also nice to get a discount when I buy several of the same item.  There are other reason also, but it’s not all bad at IamShaman.com.  Continue reading to find out if I am Shaman is a good choice for you.

I am Shaman Positives:

  • Solid selection –  From kava kava to kratom and maca, the shop offers a decent variety of products in numerous forms.  The products appear to be of high quality, are well researched and have positive real customer reviews.
  • Educational – The product descriptions are fairly informative, accurate and easy to read.  After all, we believe learning about shamanic herbs is half the fun!
  • Reliable – I am shaman has been around for quite some time and we don’t believe they will be going away anytime soon.  They offer priority mail shipping for $5 which is quick and a big plus.


I am Shaman Negatives:

  • High Prices – The prices at I am Shaman are inflated and rival that of brick and mortar (inflated MSRP) head shop prices, creating little financial incentive for Internet savvy shoppers to choose them over other online vendors.
  • No bulk discounts – When I purchase several of an item I expect a discount.  I am Shaman does not offer bulk discounts or add much value to their product while their competitors do.  They certainly have no monopoly on the products they offer yet refuse to yield to the marketplace at the customer’s expense.
  • Short customer service hours – Being available from 10 am to 4 pm can be problematic for busy customers.  Customer service is a HUGE part of any successful e-commerce presence.
  • Antiquated design – The design of I am Shaman has not changed in many years.  We find it difficult to navigate and outdated.   Many of the product photos are too small, stretched or blurry. It is functional, however it lacks the professionalism and attention to detail of a modern website.

I am Shaman’s selection of shamanic herbs is solid and you can bet they won’t disappear with your money overnight.  There are however, better deals to be had.  I am Shaman does not operate in a vacuum, although their pricing may suggest otherwise.  A quick search engine query will reveal the same brands and equivalent or better quality products available from several other solid online shamanic vendors.

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