Herbal Smoke for Aromatherapy Use

herbal smoke

herbal smoke

It may seem a little odd to hear that smoking anything might be good for you; we are all so used to hearing that smoking is bad for your health, but certain herbal smoke can be beneficial, when used in moderation. If you have never smoked anything, your lungs will be clean and healthy, and starting to smoke, even if it is herbal smoke isn’t a good idea. But if your lungs are damaged from smoking, or filled with crud from a respiratory infection or cold, then some herbal smoke blends will be good for you and help your body’s natural expectoration.

Herbal Smoke for the Lungs


There are many different herbs that are good for your lungs, even if you smoke it; mullein can soothe infected or inflamed lungs, and help to prevent coughing until the infection is healed or the inflammation is gone. It also acts as an expectorant to help break up any congestion. It is a very gentle, and non-toxic herb that can be used any time; Mullein has very little flavor and is non addictive, best stored slightly moist and rubbed before smoking to make it fluffy. Mullein can be smoked in paper or pipe, and makes a good base for all of your herbal smoke.

If you are a smoker, then this type of herbal smoke is good for you, and will help ease cough and cold symptoms. However, if you are a non smoker, you should use a mullein tea or tincture.

Horehound, and Coltsfoot

Both horehound and coltsfoot are herbs commonly used in herbal smoke, and both work well as expectorants. They promote healthy coughing, and mucus relief. Both herbs are quite strong if smoked alone and will make you cough. The best way to smoke them is to mix medium amounts with other herbs used for herbal smoke, and if you find that you cough too much, reduce the amount of horehound or coltsfoot in the mixture. Both herbs are fantastic for lung cleansing, after a cold or the flu, or while you are quitting tobacco.

If you are having trouble breathing, or coughing up blood, do not use herbal smoke that includes these herbs, instead smoke a lighter blend that has some mullein in it, and if the coughing or breathing problems persist, consult your doctor.

Jimson Weed

Herbal smoke containing jimson weed must be used in moderations. It is a very strong herb and can be bad for you if you use too much. But when used in the correct dosage, herbal smoke with jimson weed can be an effective treatment for many lung problems. With jimson weed, the mildest parts of the plant are the seeds, so you should only smoke crushed seeds, mixed with other suitable herbs, and then only smoke a few puffs. If you find that this type of herbal smoke makes you feel light headed or nauseous, stop smoking it immediately.

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