The rise of herbal eJuice

herbal e juiceAre looking to start your quest in quitting smoking? Then, perhaps it is not your first time to encounter this product. Herbal e-juice is a non-nicotine liquid extracted out of a blue lotus. The composition of an herbal e-juice is 50% tincture to boiling water. When it finally cools, a 50% propylene glycol and a 20% glycerin are created. Along with this is 10% flavoring and 20% herb extract (concentrated) to make up 100% of the total compound. The 20% herb extract is the water that contains the active ingredients out of blue lotus actives.

What are the benefits that one can get from using herbal e-juice?

As said earlier, the primary advantages of herbal e-juice are for nicotine consumers. However, there are also other benefits that can be gained from the herbal e-juice.


  • Tobacco Substitute. Herbal e-juice offers almost the same sensation with that of a tobacco. The main component of tobacco is nicotine. Every person around the world, whether a tobacco user or not is aware of the negative effects of nicotine in the body. With the introduction of herbal e-juice, there is finally a substitute for something such as smoking, which is very difficult to replace. Herbal e-juice is designed to be a euphoric experience with every puff.


  • Concentrated Extracts. This is still in line with the advantage of herbal e-juice as a substitute for tobacco. Instead of taking in nicotine in your tobacco consumption, the person instead absorbs the healthy ingredients of the herbal e-juice. These nutrients are due to the botanical herbs that comprise it. Among these include blue lotus, kava-kava, as well as Kanna extracts.


  • Relaxation. For non-tobacco users, herbal e-juice can also be used to relax the disposition of people who have used it. Both the taste and smell of herbal e-juice complements the stressful mind of anyone.


  • Lung benefits. Herbal e-juice is also said to help in clearing out the unwanted and harmful substances in the lungs. The composition of the herbal e-juice replaces these harmful substances. With herbal e-juice anyone may be prevented of cough problems and other respiratory issues.


  • Sleeping Improvement. Having sleeping issues? Herbal e-juice is another cure to that. It also serves as a product, which acts as milk to the body. The natural herbs that make up herbal e-juice make it possible for minerals to relax the cells in the body. This enables the brain to send nerve signals to the body that the body is relaxed and thus makes it easier to fall asleep.


Herbal e-juice can be of various flavors. The composition of each flavored herbal e-juice also differed from one another. This means that you will be able to find a specific flavor of herbal e-juice that fits your need.


The release of herbal e-juice to the market is really for smokers to find a substitute. However, later, it has been used into many as something that would also benefit a person even if they do not actually smoke. This led to the production of more flavors of the herbal e-juice.

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