Herbal e Liquid (e Juice)

herbal eliquid and herbal ejuiceAs the popularity and quality of electronic cigarettes increases, so does the selection of e juice to fill them with.  Most e juices feature varying levels of nicotine in an ever-increasing variety of flavors.  Not much has changed as far as ejuice is concerned for the last several years except for the flavors, until recently.

Enter herbal ejuice, a botanical extract of selected herbs blended with vegetable glycerin.  Herbal ejuice contains no nicotine and instead contains concentrated extracts of botanical herbs such as blue lotus, kava kava, kanna and more.  Blue lotus and kanna ejuice are becoming very popular, for both their taste and alleged relaxing effects.  We carry a fine selection of herbal ejuice.  

For the do it yourself-ers and those looking to save money, you can even create your own herbal extractions easily at home.  What used to require an expensive investment of equipment can now be done on your table top for under $200.  A brand new herbal extractor called the “Magical  Butter 2” creates tinctures, extracts and oils from just about anything in hours.  Get more information on this amazing home herbal extractor.



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