Herbal City of Despair

herbal cityEvery industry has its bad offenders and the online herbal shop industry is no different.  Herbal City is a sure contender for the 2013 Online Herbal Shop Whammy (fictional) award. They are the defending champions again this year. Although their apparent mastery of Microsoft Front Page is impressive (sarcasm), don’t end up like some unfortunate unsuspecting others and find yourself wandering the streets of the Herbal City of Despair (echo… echo…).


Herbal City Positives:

  • Product selection – Herbal City offers all of the “industry standard” products that can be found at sites such as Super Fun Cave, Down in the Valley and others.

We are usually fairly generous in our reviews, but we could not come up with anything else positive about shopping at Herbal City.  That was easy.  (**pushes the easy button)

Herbal City Negatives:

Grab a cup of coffee.

  • Terrible design – The only part of this site that works well is the part that takes your money.  We didn’t find the bold times new roman font, pages that scroll on and on and flashing text appealing by any means.
  • Customer service – Based on customer reviews shipping is sporadic and extremely slow at best.  Even though they have both an address and phone number listed, our inquiries are still unanswered after several months.
  • Price gouging – We’ve seen products marked up as much as 1,000% or more.  Don’t believe us?  We’ve recently seen Braniff Herbal Snuff listed there for $60.  It can be purchased for $10 or less from several other notable sources, such as HerbalZensations.  This is the rule, not the exception at Herbal City.  With prices like this, you might think they would invest more into designing a real website.
  • Misleading – Product descriptions are filled with ambiguous and generic phrases.  Every product is “euphoric” and the “best” and that’s about all the information you get.
  • Legal High Religion – We don’t mean to offend anyone, but we find Herbal City’s attempt to associate “legal highs” with passages from religious texts to be naive and alienating.
  • Shaky “legal high” mantra – Whether we like it or not, we are a society governed by laws.  Various government agencies have routinely targeted herbal shop vendors advertising with specific phrases and Herbal City blatantly touts these same phrases, which arguably places the customer and entire industry in jeopardy.

There is nothing to think about here.  Avoid Herbal City at all costs.  Anything less is a mockery of your intelligence.