Blue Lotus Extract: Should You Use It?

Blue Lotus TinctureA lot of people choose to use medicinal herbs and traditional forms of medicine because they feel more at ease using them. Another reason is that these forms of medicine have been used from generations to generations. The Blue lotus flower is one of these wonder plants that have been used by the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt and they were experts at producing blue lotus extract.

Blue Lotus Tincture

The Blue Lotus tincture is the extract of Egyptian Blue Lotus and is known for its richness in active resins. This tincture is used as an aphrodisiac and a sedative.

The Blue Lotus has been dubbed as the “Viagra” of the ancient Egyptians for it helps in enhancing the male’s drive for sex. Medical practitioners also rely on this flower to help in the stimulation of blood flow and in inhibiting signs of aging. The early ancestors used to worship the Blue Lotus since it was considered as a visionary plant and represents the beginning of life. This flower would also act as intoxicant during ingestion after it is soaked in wine or water. The Buddhists and Indians also paid high respects for this plant because of its visionary properties. The Blue Lotus gives a person the feeling of ecstasy, euphoria, and well-being. 

The Uses and Benefits of Blue Lotus Tincture

Here are some uses and benefits that you could get with blue lotus tincture:

  • It can be used by both women and men alike as an aphrodisiac.
  • It is considered as a remedy for almost all sorts of illnesses.
  • It helps in relieving pain.
  • It stimulates circulation in the body.
  • It relieves spasms of the muscles.
  • Blue Lotus Tincture can aid in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • It can help you in getting relief from migraine and tinnitus.
  • People could take this to feel extreme relaxation or be in the state of ecstasy.
  • Blue Lotus Tincture can help in the treatment of many stomach disorders like dyspepsia, diarrhea, dysentery, and general debility.

 How to Use Blue Lotus Tincture

For Blue Lotus Tincture, the standard dosage would be six to ten drops that you could add to water, juice, or put it directly under the tongue. It is recommended for you to take it twice per day. However, taking this orally is not recommended for women who are nursing or pregnant.


You can also combine the tincture with other herbs for flavor, then use it as a smoking mixture to get a euphoric feeling. Some indicate that mixing the blue lotus tincture with wine or alcohol could enhance its effects. The blue lotus tincture is also used as massage oil. Basically, the flower gives the head a sensation of warmth.


There are many other benefits that you can get by using blue lotus tincture. The goodness that this extract could do for you and for your body has been proven by researchers and scientists. In fact, if you try researching about this wondrous herb, you could see a few records about its amazing healing properties that have served even the Kings and Queens of the early times.