Benefits of Using Absolute Oil

absolute oilAbsolute oil is a product made by the combination of pure plant essences and natural oil. It is obtained through solvent extraction. This type of oil is sourced out globally. The nature of the absolute oil depends on where it was extracted. Therefore, people could opt to extract them as rare and exotic, solvent, and hexane-free absolute oil.


Why referred to as absolute?

Absolute oils are referred as such for their ability to dissolve in alcohol. They dissolve in every fixed oil, but never with water. Absolute oil is more concentrated than that of other essential oils that people encounter in essential oil stores. They are much more fragrant as well. In addition, they have the tendency to evaporate once exposed to open air.


What are the benefits one can get from using absolute oil?

Like other oils, absolute oils also offer several benefits which include:

  • Fragrance. A huge percentage of the extraction of absolute oils is made by perfume industries around the globe. Because absolute oils are very concentrated, one drop of it already produces a 25 to 50mg bottle of perfume. However, a specific process is followed for this. The concentration of absolute oils is in the same way dangerous to the skin when directly applied.


  • Healing Properties. More than its fragrant properties, absolute oils have been credited to as containing enzymes that can be used to heal certain ailments like mental illnesses. The primary contributory factor in this is the aromatherapy produced by these enzymes. As linked to mental ailments, absolute oils also prevent physical symptoms from coming. An ample amount of absolute oil, that means lesser than one drop, is the advisable quantity for it.


  • Comfort (Massage). Absolute oils are the most effective oils that can be used in massage since it offers relief. However, if a patient wishes to apply it to the skin, it is wise to consult those who are experts with absolute oils first as it may be dangerous when directly applied to the skin.


  • Smoking. Absolute oils are also said to improve the material of cigarettes. They improve the sensation brought to the body when these oils are blended with your smoking medium. Just make sure that you have done some research before doing so to avoid any dangers or over dosages.


  • Euphoria. Another benefit that can be gained from absolute oils would be euphoria. Absolute oils extracted from lotus and lily flowers are said to ignite sexual desires as well as promote feelings of ecstasy.


The essence of absolute oils can be achieved through absolute oil blends. Blends are the product of a combination of natural absolute oil and other natural minerals extracted from plants. This is a very tough process for it will limit the quantity of the absolute oil to very minute amount.


Across history, the major application of absolute oils falls upon the production of perfumes as well as for massage purposes. It has been used as the main ingredient of most imported oils from many different countries. Moreover, it is noted that absolute oils are often pricey.


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