Super Fun Cave Megamoxy DMAA & the FDA

super-fun-cave-megamoxyIt’s hard out there for any business these days, especially for vendors of adult products who continually face assault from self-righteous zealots.  But there has to be a line somewhere and while most headshop vendors dance with it gracefully, others blatantly cross it without haste, not caring what is left in their wake in the name of greed.

Enter “super fun cave megamoxy”, one of the newest novelty powders to hit the market.  The main active ingredient in this new powder is DMAA which is nothing new at all.  In fact, it has been linked to several heart attacks and strokes and is on the radar of fhe FDA.  The FDA claims it be illegal to use in dietary supplements altogether.  Sport supplement manufacturers have already stopped using it as well as many in the smoke shop industry.  They say one man’s trash is another’s treasure, and that certainly seems to be the case here.  Many claim DMAA to be safe, while others report overstimulating cardiac effects and intense sweating.

DMAA is not illegal to buy or posses, but it is not allowed to be marketed as a dietary supplement according to letters sent out by the FDA.  The directions on Megamoxy state to mix it with water, thus marketing it as a dietary supplement.  We don’t always go along with what the FDA says, but these marketing tactics place the customer’s safety and freedom at risk.  Not to mention the future of the entire industry.

Go ahead with your megamoxy, DMAA and FDA if it makes you happy, but that’s one too many acronyms for me!  Besides, there are more effective ingredients available.