Herbal Smoke Blends

Outer Edge Herbal SmokeHerbal smoke blends are becoming extremely popular, and many are using them as a healthier alternative to cigarettes and tobacco. This is because herbal smoke blends don’t contain any nicotine or harmful antioxidants. However, doctors still recommend that you don’t get addicted to these, as too much herbal smoke can cause respiratory diseases.
Herbal smoke blends, if used in moderation, is a good substitute for cigarettes, they are affordable, available in many different flavors, and you can purchase them almost anywhere. Many people use a mint herbal smoke because of its soothing effect and pleasant smell, and when used in moderation can actually improve health and allow for easier breathing. Herbal smoke blends are available in ornamental mint, spearmint, and peppermint.

Other popular types of herbal smoke blend are sagebrush and mugworth. Sagebrush has a pleasant flavor, is healthier than many other herbs, and can even be used as an antibacterial agent and in cooking. Mugworth has a nice aroma, but it can be a little strong if not mixed with other herbs. When used moderately mugworth can help you sleep, and remember your dreams.
Many types of salvia sages can also be used as an herbal smoke blend. You can use purple, white, and black sages, all of which have a nice flavor and are not harmful. The different salvia sages are also the herbs most often used in cleansing rituals.

It is important to remember that while most herbs are safe, you should still smoke them in moderation and stop smoking them if you experience any unusual, or unpleasant side effects.

Why Choose These Blends

Herbal smoke blends are a great alternative to cigarettes; they are better for you and have no addictive properties. Herbal smoke blends have pleasant, flavorful aromas and a calming quality and many can help you relax and sleep better at night; some will even help you remember your dreams.
Before smoking these blends however, you should be aware that some herbs can react badly with certain foods. Some may also cause health problems such as difficulty in breathing, throat swelling, and airway irritation. If you experience any of these symptoms stop smoking that particular herbal blend, and if the symptoms are too severe, consult your doctor.

Benefits of Herbal Smoke Blends
Herbal smoke blends are considerably safer than tobacco and cigarettes and are much more beneficial. They come in many different aromas and flavors, and many have health benefits. Many herbs that can be used in herbal smoke blends can be purchased anywhere and are easy to grow, and have multiple uses. For example; lemon balm, with its distinct lemon flavor can be used in a herbal smoke blend, and also to make a refreshing tea.

Herbal smoke blends are manufactured by many different companies that often target people who are trying to stop smoking; they can be purchased from many retailers, both on and offline, and are much more affordable than tobacco and cigarettes.