What You Need to Know About Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson OilAs more states make the use of marijuana legal, the medical uses associated with this plant have begun to make headlines.  There is a hard split between those who think cannabis is a miracle plant, and those who think it will be the fall of our society.  Regardless of the moral debate going on, there are countless amounts of research out there suggesting that cannabis may actually be the answer we were looking for all along.  Cannabis is mostly known as marijuana, smoked by “criminals,” and illegal because of its potentially “society-ruining properties.”  However, very few know the extreme benefits that can come from using the plant in different ways, and for different purposes.

One example of the great lack of knowledge regarding this plant is the story involving Rick Simpson.  He’s a man who had a case of skin cancer that couldn’t be cured with surgery.  Previous to having skin cancer, he had been extracting oil from the cannabis plant and ingesting it.  The extract is called cannabidiol, or CBD for short.  It is known to have a wide variety of benefits when used for medical purposes—most specifically, for those who suffer from epilepsy.  Beyond helping those who are sick, cannabidiol is known to not have any lasting negative side effects, unlike many other drugs and treatments used to treat the same diseases.

Since he had already been ingesting the cannabis oil for previous medical reasons, Simpson decided to try applying it topically to his skin cancer using a bandage.  When he checked it after a few days, he was amazed to find his skin cancer was gone.  He tried to explain this to doctors, but there was enough push back from the medical field that he was forced to take matters into his own hands.  Despite ignoring the plain research and countless of cases where using CBD has either cured cancer, or caused a horrible disease to be controlled, Simpson is still alone in his production of the oil.

One of the major benefits of using this oil, outside of the positive medical effect it will have on your body, is that it can be used in a variety of ways, and can be catered to your needs and your body.  This oil can be ingested, vaporized and inhaled, or used topically.  This means that however you need to use the oil, or the progression of your disease, you have choices for how you can use it.  Most drugs need to be ingested, and cause a great deal of damage to the digestive tract, but using this oil will do no such thing.  Likewise, if you’re currently in the middle of a treatment that leaves you unable to keep anything down, you still have more options for how to reap the benefits of this oil.

Even though the medical field has denied the benefits of using cannabidiol to treat diseases like cancer, the research available suggests to ignore it would be ridiculous.  Even after years of extracting the oil and giving it to those in need himself, Simpson found a cornucopia of evidence that cannabis is not only a great plant to help those with cancer, but could possibly be the miracle cure for it.